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WYRO have made a pledge to only build 'A' EPC rated or carbon neutral emission homes in respect of our environment, whilst ensuring we keep some at relatively affordable prices to allow local people to get onto the property ladder in their local communities utilising the extended Help to Buy (Wales) scheme provided by the Welsh Government.


Each of our NET ZERO CARBON EMISSION homes at Dolforgan View, Kerry includes the following as standard:




When the solar batteries are charged, their latest homes have the capacity to operate entirely independently of the national grid, even in times of power cuts. ‘Solar Battery storage systems combined with an array of solar panels are absolutely the way forward’ said Mark Bamber, Managing Director of WYRO Developments Ltd. ‘These give our very latest buyers the ability to operate their homes throughout the evening and night-time with solar power that was generated in the day-time’. Innovative tariffs from forward thinking electric supply companies such as Octopus Energy also allow for charging battery storage systems at super-cheap night time rates when sunshine hasn’t provided full storage capacity, meaning you can operate your home from cheap stored energy even when the sun doesn’t shine .

Solar panels.png
  • Photovoltaic solar panels with 3 or 3.5Kw inverter – outright ownership
  • Solar Battery Storage System to store any excess solar energy to power your house overnight
  • iBoost solar to hot water convertor
A+ appliances.png
  • 100% LED lighting
  • Minimum A+ (2020 rating system) energy efficiency appliances
Electric vehicle charger.png
Award winning Type 2 Zappi Electric Vehicle Smart Charger fitted as standard with Eco and Eco+ option (using any spare solar power) to encourage switching to electric vehicles
  • Triple glazing windows
Thermal insulation.png
  • Each home individually air pressure tested to assess air tightness
  • 500mm of insulation in the loft
  • Timber frame construction with rigid thermal insulation board panels
Air source heat pump heating.png
  • Air Source Heat Pump heating
  • Market leading hot water storage system
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