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It is acknowledged that the UK’s 29 million homes emit close to a quarter of the country’s entire CO2 emissions, with the average UK home emitting between 4 and 6 tonnes of CO2 per year ( / Climate Change Committee -​.

The A energy rating EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) category of housing stock in England and Wales is currently represented by less than 3% of new builds and shockingly less than 0.5% (approx. figures) of all homes up to the first half of 2021 ( Sept 2021). 


In 5 years, just one average UK home will have produced enough CO2 to fill a premier league football pitch above head height. Multiplying this by 29 million gives a staggering representation of the total volume of CO2 emitted by the UK’s housing sector alone. 


In recognition of these startling volumes of emissions, WYRO Green Homes have been working hard to refine the timber frame construction homes designs with renewable energy, air source heat pumps, triple glazing and much more to ultimately built their first Net Zero Carbon emissions homes, the last few of which are available at their Dolforgan View site in the beautiful village of Kerry, Mid-Wales.

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